Client: Swinburne – Faculty of Science Engineering & Technology

Engagement type: Insights Generation

Tools & Methodology:

  • Desktop Research
  • 1:1 interviews
  • Evaluation Framework
  • Strategic Vision setting

What the Client Needed

Swinburne wished to create a document that helped define Swinburne Engineering Practise Academy’s unique value proposition to industry and to support the initiation of a relationship between The Academy and prospective industry partners.

What We Did

Greenshoot Consulting worked closely with Swinburne executives, staff and students collecting feedback and organising a document that acts as both a form of marketing material, but also a comprehensive course guide. In addition, Greenshoot worked with current and prospective industry partners and discovered how best to leverage Swinburne’s relationships with these partners.

The Outcome

Greenshoot Consulting created a set of documents which allowed Swinburne to attract and inspire the next generation of engineers. The document outlined the purpose, mission and mission of The Academy. Moreover, the document outlined how individuals and industry partners could get involved in the program and how to take the next step to improve the quality of engineers in their workplace from day one.