Engagement type: Indigenous place-making

Tools & Methodology:

  • Greenshoot Engagement Bridge Framework
  • Indigenous Design Consultation Pillars
  • Survey instrument development
  • 1:1 interview
  • Small group workshops

What the Client Needed

RMIT wanted to reinforce the concept of a connection between Indigenous Country and people in and around a new building.

What We Did

We used our Indigenous Design Consultation Pillars as the basis for consulting a broad range of stakeholders to determine how best to reveal and celebrate Indigenous knowledge systems, traditions, motifs & people, and amplify Indigenous culture throughout the space.

The importance of engaging with a cross-section of stakeholders such as the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council was fundamental to the success of the design outcome.

The Outcome

The new building has now become a significant addition to the cultural and campus life of the University and has increased the visibility and recognition of the importance of Indigenous culture.