At Greenshoot, we are passionate about research and the future. We believe that not only can we be better prepared for what lies ahead, but we can actively shape it. Helping clients identify and move towards a preferred future is core to what we do.

That’s why we choose to work in areas such as education and capacity building, organisational development, Indigenous placemaking and knowledge systems, sustainability, and the built environment – its all about building principles that will position our clients to make the most of future opportunities and fostering the necessary resilience to safeguard against the inevitable challenges.

We believe that future-proofing comes from a deep understanding of the issues of today. That’s why we undertake research and have come up with our conversation series – Future Ready Now, in which we explore how the future may play out in some of our key sectors of interest.

Held at one of Melbourne’s hidden architectural treasures, the Robin Boyd House, our Future Ready Now events are an opportunity for us to share our own research and insights with like-minded people and fellow thought leaders who are also committed to helping to shape the future.

Future Ready Now – Upcoming Events

Future Ready Now – Past Events