Client: University of Melbourne

Engagement type: Indigenous place-making & Precinct planning

Tools & Methodology:

  • Desktop research
  • Survey instrument development
  • 1:1 interviews
  • Digital surveying
  • Indigenous Design Consultation Pillars
  • Greenshoot Customer Insight Tool

What the Client Needed

The University of Melbourne is building a new 8ha campus within the Fishermen’s Bend precinct on land belonging to Traditional Owners representing the Kulin Nations. Greenshoot Consulting were engaged to develop principles for Indigenous Engagement for the new development and identify opportunities to amplify traditional and contemporary Indigenous knowledge and cultural practice from the site’s location and history.

What We Did

Greenshoot Consulting researched the history of the site and used our Indigenous Design Consultation Pillars to suggest opportunities to embed Indigenous knowledge and culture within the project.

The Outcome

Through this process we developed Principles for Indigenous Engagement which can be used to ensure engagement with Traditional Owners is meaningful and will result in a unique cultural narrative for the site. Through embedding a principles-based approach, we have helped position the new campus to become a leading example of how large scale infrastructure projects can engage with Traditional Owners.